Investment Management

Our team of expert aim to help make sure that your money is invested where it has the best chance to perform within the timeframes identified to meet your financial goals and dreams.

We invest time in truly understanding your overall circumstances, goals and objectives and then we combine this understanding of your individual criteria with a disciplined and structured approach to investing.

Our investment advice will be based on the 4 key principles outlined below:

Investment Criteria

Capacity for Risk

Our team of experts will guide you on how to manage your investments to match your required goals within the identified timeframe. We advise you on how much risk you will need to take to meet these goals.

Savings, Investments & Taxation

Our team of experts can guide you on how to hold tax efficient investments and source the most suitable investment structures and savings plans to suit your individual needs.

Investment Philosophy

Gaining a thorough understanding of your overall circumstances, goals and objectives is at the heart of our investment philosophy. We believe investment costs matter and strive to minimise such costs.

Investment Behaviour

Investing can be an emotional endeavour. Our experts are schooled in the principles of behavioural finance and can guide you away from emotional market reactions by means of a disciplined and structured approach to investing.

Our Process - Investment Management

Our Process

  • We gain understanding of your attitude to risk
  • We assess your capacity to bear risk versus the requirement to take risk
  • We demonstrate the future savings required to meet your objectives
  • We outline the strategy needed to achieve those returns
  • We describe the risk associated with the proposed strategy
  • We implement the agreed plan by selecting and agreeing providers and funds
  • We monitor, reassess and update your plan on an ongoing basis