Interest rates lower for longer

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Bank Deposits & Cash Funds – Whats the alternative…………….?

With Interest rates likely to be ” lower for longer” many people have seen their mortgage repayments fall dramatically. This is especially true for anyone who is “lucky” enough to have a Tracker Mortgage. But low interest rates isn’t all good news.

Many people can’t afford to keep their Savings, Investments or Pensions  in cash as it’s not generating enough income or return.  The problem then for many people is that they don’t want to take any risk.

Recently we’ve been showing some our clients that “the main risk is not taking enough risk”. This is especially true for people who are prepared to squirrel their money away for 5 to 10 years.

In particular if people are taking an income from an Investment like an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF ) and they don’t want to eat into their capital over the long term, then a properly balanced and diversified portfolio is essential.

Our process scientifically evaluates, assesses and calculates our clients Risk Profile. This is turn enables us to build and design a specific Individual Portfolio based on each clients unique circumstances.

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